Our Mission

On a mission to improve wellness of people through personalized and innovative healthcare services.

Our Vision

To be the most customer centric health tech company empowering people to live healthier lives.

Our Story

Medical conditions that require constant medication weigh heavily on patients and their families organizing correct doses and following medication plan is not easy for them.

People staying far away from their parents are strained to call them several times a day just to confirm whether they have taken all their medicines on time or not.

Having observed the struggles of our friends and family members with medication for quite a while we searched for ways to help them.

We started researching during Covid

Wave after wave of COVID19 Pandemic dislodged everybody off their health citadel. My parents both with multiple comorbidities returned home after 2 weeks of COVID hospitalization.

They were already taking medicines for BP and Diabetes and with another layer of COVID medication piled on top, things went haywire.

Prescriptions are never easy to understand and missing a medicine is quite common. We supported them but it was all jumbled up and very complicated, we researched to fix pharmacy and make it convenient world/organize labored to organize the things.

And came up with Pillup

From the beginning, Pillup wants to be the most customer centric health tech company which empowers people to live a healthier life. Pillup pre-sorts your medicines by date and time and helps people to take medicines correctly.

The aim is to make medication management simple by removing all the confusion and complication from the world of pharmacy by providing personalized and innovative healthcare solution and helping people achieve overall wellness.

Pharmacy for all your needs.
Prescription drugs, Over the counter medicines, Inhalers etc.

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