Personalised pre-sorted
medicines at your doorstep

PillUp is a modern pharmacy designed to
make your life easier.

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Pre-sorted Medicine Doses

You get your medicines pre-sorted by time
and date in ready to take pouches as per your prescription plan.

Medicine Reminders

Choose WhatsApp, Call and App Notifications
to receive Spot On reminders for taking medicine.

Easy to read prescription

No need to compromise, get the exact
genuine medicines as per your prescription.

“Switch to a new and smarter way to take medicines”

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Benefits of using Pillup

Pillup has numerous benefits, pointing some of the major ones here. It's very easy to use.

Punctuality in medication

Now you will never miss your medicines, thanks to our reminder system. Take your Medicines on time, ALL the time.

Save money & reduce wastage

No more buying of full strips of medicines and seeing them lying in your drawers. Pay for only the medicines you need.

Error-free medicines

Take exact doses, pre-sorted with clear instructions on the PillUp pouch and set your time and energy free.

Be Independent

We are making you independent in your healthcare management, now you do not have to seek any help for this.

No more confusion

Clear labels on every sachet which indicates date, time &the medicine to be taken and ready to refer prescription on the Dispenser.

Pharmacy for all your needs.
Prescription drugs, Over the counter medicines, Inhalers etc.

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People are loving Pillup

Raghav Sharma

27, Male

PillUp has been a game changer for me. I kept struggling to keep up with my medication schedule.

After switching to PillUp, I have been able to keep a track of my medicines and it has become easier to take them on time.

Kamakshi Agarwal

67, Female

PillUp has made my life much easier and organised. I take around 5-6 medicines each day that keep changing every month.

It has been very difficult to remember which medicine to take and when, after PillUp, I just read the packaging and peel to take the medicine.